Safe Faith United strives for excellence.


Our volunteer team is comprised of highly dedicated individuals who donate their time and invest financial resources to better their own lives and the lives of our clients. 


Safe Faith United accepts volunteers through our Victim Advocate Academy

"Justice Without Frontiers."


Due to the sensitive nature of our job, Safe faith United requires that volunteers have training, experience and education to provide victim advocacy support to our clients. Individuals interested in forming part of our volunteer team must undergo extensive training, must pass a background check and must cover the tuition fees of (310) hours of instruction. Our Victim Advocate Academy is a tool to develop the victim advocates and the leaders of the future.


The following provides information about our academy: 


Phase I             Victim advocacy classroom training

                          84 hours of instruction


Phase II            Direct victim service observation

                          84 hours of victim service observation 

                          100 hours of leadership training

                          32 hours of basic computer skills                   


Upon complexion of the requirements of the course, we offer a graduation ceremony and a certificate of complexion. Participants graduate with the title of Human Rights Advocate.  


Phase III 


Victim Advocacy Excellence Management and Leadership Program

This program is available to individuals who completed Phase I & Phase II

and wish to sharpen their knowledge of management and leadership in the victim advocacy field.  


Graduates must submit a letter to the administration of Safe Faith United indicating their desire to be accepted into our Victim Advocacy Excellence Management and Leadership Program. The administration of Safe Faith United exercises entire discretion on who will be admitted to the program. This program is very competitive. Only the ones who strive for excellence are admitted into the program.


Our Victim Advocacy Excellence Management and Leadership Program is FREE to individuals who participated in the Academy Justice Without Frontiers. The following provides the criteria to be accepted in our program. 



a)  Sucessfully graduated from de academy "Justice Without Frontiers"

b)  Demostated academic performance and leadership traits

c)  Perfect attendance

d)  Ability to work as a team 

e)  Ability to follow complex instructions

g)  Level of commitment to the domestic violence cause

h)  Long-term and short-term professional and academic goals

i)   Availability to work in the coordination of projects

j)  Ability to handle stress and accept constructive criticism

k) Ability to strive for excellence in the delivery of projects


Upon six months of training and the complexion of (192) hours of hands-on leadership training participants graduate with a Certificate in Management and Leadership in Victim Advocacy Studies with Safe Faith United. 


Please contact a representative of Safe Faith United if you wish to join our team of excellence.