Welcome to Safe Faith United.


This website was developed with funding donated by V-DAY 2011, Español. Our gratitude to the volunteers who organized the play to make possible the realization of this project.




Safe Faith United works in a collaborative partnerships with faith leaders  and community leaders from all religions and cultural backgrounds. The founder of Safe Faith United holds the perspective that in spite of religious beliefs, people can work in unity to make a better world for future generations, without compromising one's faith.


The Constitution of the United States of America supports the free practice of religion. Safe Faith United abides by these laws and respect the faith and beliefs of individuals. 


Although Safe Faith United maintains interdenominational alliances with individuals from all religious backgrounds, our organization do not participates in any type of religious rituals, cults, doctrines, or trainings to promote the faith or beliefs of any religious group. However, we do participate in academic training aimed at bringing religious tolerance, respect and education as it relates to the dynamics of domestic violence, culture, and religious beliefs.   


Safe Faith United is an independent faith based domestic violence entity. We work in collaboration with spiritual leaders and community leaders to promote the erradication of violence against women. In this regard, we are strongly committed to victims and survivors of domestic violence. We are also strongly committed to the mission and visión of our organization. 

Thank you for the opportunity to serve the needs of our clients through your partnerships and collaboration.  Rebeca Ferreira, Founder & Executive Director, Safe Faith United.


Safe Faith United was founded by Doctoral Student Rebeca Ferreira, a visionary leader who saw the need to provide specialized services to victims from various cultural and religious backgrounds. The organization was incorporated in September 11, 2008. The entity came into existence to close the gap between the victim advocacy field and faith based communities.


Our mission is to promote the academic development, self-sufficiency and economic level of victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual violence.


Our vision is to work UNITED regardless of faith, belief or religion to uphold the United States of America as the number one global leader in promoting a world of zero tolerance for violence against women.

OUR GOALS 2012- 2013

Goal 1

To increase the level of education, self-sufficiency, self-esteem and economic development of victims and survivors of domestic violence, sexual violence through inspirational speeches, computer literacy classes, and vocational school enrollment.


Goal 2

To provide specialized programs and services to victims and survivors of domestic abuse who, due to cultural nuances, fear of deportation, or religious beliefs may not seek victim advocacy support with traditional victim service providers, such as shelters, police departments, and the judicial system.


Goal 3

To provide culturally and linguistically specific programs and services to underserved populations, such as women of color, women of faith and

immigrant victims of domestic violence, sexual violence, stalking, and dating teen violence.


Goal 4

To create culturally and linguistically developed domestic violence conferences to educate immigrant victims with limited English proficiency on issues related to domestic violence, sexual violence and stalking.


Goal 5

To develop workshops and community outreach domestic violence events to educate women of color and women of faith on issues related to domestic violence and sexual violence.


Goal 6

To provide spiritual oriented support group meetings to help Latino victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence in the process of healing. Group sessions are for victims and survivors only. We do not offer pychological counseling.


Goal 7

To provide training and education to faith leaders about domestic violence, sexual violence and stalking.


Goal 8

To provide spiritual oriented support group meetings to women of color and women of faith victims of domestic violence and sexual violence to help them in the process of healing. We also provide spiritual support to individuals who lost a loved one to homicide related to domestic violence.  


Our logo was created with the purpose to eliminate the religious symbols that could hinder victims from seeking victim advocacy support with our organization. Our logo represents mother nature, global unity, and a metaphor of violence against women. Our gratitude to ABRAHAM MENDEZ, Dominican artist for donating the artwork of our logo and a painting that represents the theme "Stop Violence Against Women." His painting is located at the left conner of each page of our website.


Safe Faith United works in collaboration with law enforcement and prosecution to held offenders accountable for their crimes. We also work in collaboration with faith leaders, peer advocates, shelters, colleges, universities, vocational schools, state-wide agencies,  the media and the community at large to erradicate violence against wome and to promote educational opportunities for victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual violence.